One size does not fit all, we get it. Some situations demand extended time and special attention beyond what we normally provide for fixed pricing.  Translation… this is Hourly Pricing When You Need It.

Our imaging services have always offered high quality images at very affordable prices. The way we do this is by creating a very tight specific work flow. Time and number of images vary by the size of the property and our pricing tiers. This is clear in our pricing section. Let’s call it the “Normal” work flow. That “Normal” workflow that is very efficient for everyone’s time and time is money. The following is what normally happens:

1) The property is set prior to arrival to specs provided to all agents
2) We shoot the exterior
3) We tour the interior with the client to be sure all spaces are set and make very minor adjustments like turn on a lamp that was missed or adjust a blind or two.
4) We shoot the interior based on my years of experience and special conditions we observe. we shoot in a specific sequence. It is normal at this step to take more shots than will be delivered. Not all shots work out for various reasons. They are not all delivered.
5) We review the images with the agent specifically for the purpose of determining if we have missed a room. That is the time to say “Hey you missed the family room” then we will shoot it. If a return trip is required there will be additional charges.
6) We leave and process the images. The images are never taken right from the camera and sent. Processing includes selection of images to be delivered based on our experienced determined criteria. This takes the load off agents and saves everyone time. We always deliver sufficient images to professionally present exteriors and all rooms shot, more than can fit on the MLS.
7) The images are electronically delivered to the agent within 24-48 hours. Normally they are delivered the next day but there are no guarantees for deliver time. We do our best and understand that occasional rush job.

So much for that, but what about this new “Client Directed Engagement” service, you say.
As stated one size does not fit all. There are those special estates, those vacation homes, those difficult demanding clients or just special circumstances. We won’t let you down.

These are circumstances where the property owner or the agent demand and want greater control over the photo shoot. They may have their own vision and want to convey a specific look for a property. There may be site conditions that require staging rooms on the fly. There may be conditions where we must wait for the light to be just right and more. There may also be times when we must add additional lighting to get the shot just right.

This special process takes time but to many it is worth it so we have developed what we will call a “Client Directed Engagement.” For these special circumstances, we make available full half day increments including travel time. Morning (8-12) or Afternoon (12-4) or both (8-4). This time is billed at $60 per hour (still a real value).

During this time we offer guidance but the client directs what shots they want taken, what angles, what field of views, the number of shots, the rooms etc. They review the images on a room per room basis. They stage the rooms one at a time. We help with advice but do not stage.

After the onsite process, we return to my studio and process the images. In a normal half day shoot where there are 25-50 images this will take at least 2 hours minimum. There are times when it may take longer. This time is billed at $60 per hour in 1 hour increments after the minimum.

This premium offering does require advanced booking and there will be a cancelation fee if the shoot is canceled without a 2 day notice.

So what does this Premium Client Directed Engagement cost bottom line?
Expect Minimum $360 for typical half day shoot plus travel.
Full day (8-4) will be $540-600 per day.
Both will be plus travel expense.

If overnight travel is required full travel including overnight accommodations will be billed plus additional travel time. Billing will be in increments of 1 day plus travel days. So typically figure 2-3 days minimum.  Cancellations, unless overnight travel is required, will be a $100 charge minimum with 48 hour notice plus any expense incurred.  Cancellation with less than 48 hour notice will be and additional $150. Cancellations where overnight travel was prepaid, will be billed based on actual expense plus $200 a day including estimated travel days. If you have a great vacation spot and you are going to put me up, special consideration to travel expense will be made.

This is our only line of photography (we don’t do weddings, events, concerts, sports, portraits etc.)  This is full time for us and we use that time to produce the best value and most effective images for your use in marketing Real Estate.

We want to thank you so much for your business.  We will continually strive to improve the quality of our images by improving our processes and continuing to use and update our professional grade equipment and software.


Frank Gutowski