We have started to use a new service for the distribution of images.  We don’t make these moves without thought and always make sure these changes benefit our clients without additional burden.

Translation… this is faster, more convenient, mobile compatible and allows you to easily interact with your clients (the sellers)

You may easily allow your client (the seller) to participate in the selection process of images to market this property.  Just forward the email (Like the one in the image) to them and with one click (on the discover and download button) they can view the images on their phone, tablet or desktop.  There is an option to download all or individual images.  You can do the same.

We have eliminated the need to sign on and enter user ID and passwords.  Wow what a relief that is!

The active link to images is available for 7 days.  That’s plenty of time to review and download them to your own computer for archiving and use.  As always, we do archive the images on our end.  The final responsibility for retaining the images for your intended licensed use as materials for marketing this property for sale to the retail Real Estate market, remains with you.

We continue to retain the full copyright to these images.  Use of the images is covered in our Terms of Use.  No need to worry, those Terms of Use are fully compliant with the West Penn Multi list requirements.

By downloading the images, you agree to our Terms of Use and you are licensed to use the images under that agreement.  That agreement is available here:


We want to thank you so much for your business.  We will continually strive to improve the quality of our images by improving our processes and continuing to use and update our professional grade equipment and software.

This is our only line of photography (we don’t do weddings, events, concerts, sports, portraits etc.)  This is full time for us and we use that time to produce the best value and most effective images for your use in marketing Real Estate.


Frank Gutowski