Property Preparation Consulting Engagement



We provide on-site verbal recommendations to home owners and selling agents. These recommendations address cost effective visual preparation of a specific home and are intended to improve the visual presentation of listed or potential listed properties both on-line and in person.

These recommendations, if followed, have proven to raise the visual appeal of properties, reduce time on market, increase viewings and increase final sales price over similar properties.

Using a professional improves the credibility of the advice to a level beyond what the average agent might or is expected to provide. By providing property specific recommendations this service is perceived as custom tailored to the needs of the seller vs. generic advice.

Real Estate Agents who recognize the need and value of properties that are well prepared for viewing and photography should utilize this service.

This service is best rendered prior to photographing and listing any property. Adequate time should be allowed after consultation to execute the recommendations prior to photographing and listing property.

Typically, the sequence is: Sign | Consult | Prep | Review | Photograph | List… However, some agents use this service just prior to signing on the same day they acquire the listing signature. It signals the start of a higher level marketing effort not normally offered by typical agents.  It’s a benefit of signing with them.

-Interiors and exteriors are reviewed
-Window treatments
-Furniture placement / removal / re-purposing
-Accessory placement /removal / re-purposing
-Art-photograph placement / removal / re-purposing
-Cleaning and minor items requiring maintenance or upgrade
-Prep for photography and pre-showing prep is covered. These may be different.
-Time of day recommendations for photographing property will be reviewed.

The service is limited to 30 minutes on site.

If additional time is required there may be additional charges.

Time stated is typical for homes under 3,000 sq. ft.

• Each room is toured by consultant, agent and owner.
• All lighting is tested, furniture placement etc. reviewed.
• Verbal recommendations are provided during the tour.
• Owner / agent take written notes covering specific recommendations
• Consultant provides pre-printed general recommendations
• The reasoning behind each recommendation will be explained if required (for example why all lights on in every room at the same time for photography and viewings, why time of day for photography is important)
• Time permitting, examples covering actual visual results (photographs) may be displayed to client by the consultant.

Any recommendations provided are not intended to replace services of home inspection, appraisals, government required inspections or any other service or inspection required by law or governing authorities. We will not offer recommendations to disguise any observed property defects. This service will not and is not intended to discover property defects. The service is focused solely on providing advice to improve the visual appeal of the property to the general buying public.

$60 for first 30 minutes

(plus $.50 per mile R/T travel first 15 miles)