At Real Estate Imaging Service our objective has always has been to be the best possible business partner in your marketing efforts.  Regardless of property value we strive to provide that “Million Dollar” look.  Doing so is not always easy…

Over the past year we have worked with over 50 agents, builders and businesses in your area.      Benefit from our experience.  They have.

Our approach involves convincing the client they hire you to “Market” their home not “Sell” it.

In order to be effective in marketing the sellers must become active partners in the marketing effort. The good news is they can make a thousand dollars an hour by becoming a marketing partner. Your main role is to guide them in their responsibilities as a partner…   You must explain the fundamental premise behind this chain of events…

Preparation | Listing | Showing | Emotional Triggers | Decision | Action | Closing


Visual appeal… begins with preparing for photographs and continues with prep before every showing

Property Listed On-line… More buyers view visually appealing properties on line

In person showings… More buyers visit what is visually appealing on line

Sensory and Emotional inputs trigger desire… Buyers want to live in what is visually appealing

Desire triggers decision… Buyers want to buy what is visually appealing

Decision triggers action… Buyers bid up what is visually appealing


Higher offering prices, bid wars, happy seller, happy agent, happy buyers, repeat business and referrals! Sounds simple but it’s all part of a carefully orchestrated process which I can help you with.

What does a “Million Dollar Look” have to do with low end properties? Everything! In the past two years we have noticed that following our process has a more dramatic impact on lower end properties than higher end properties.  It’s an absolute requirement for higher end properties.  It makes a quantum difference in lower end properties (<$300K)

Don’t meet the requirements… you’re out!  (High end properties)

Exceed the requirements… Stellar Success!. (Million dollar treatment of all properties)

Why is that?  The answer is simple. Most sellers listing for over $500k already understand and demand this type of marketing.  They are well prepared willing marketing participants. Those few that are not simply languish on the market a very long time. In the lower end range (100k-200k) very few agents will hire a pro or take the time to work with a client to assure the property is prepared.

Using our approach increases desire of agents to show your property!  It starts a showing frenzy.  (a good thing for all)

The   “List it and Quit…”   approach never ends well

The results when viewing on line are dramatic. Look at typical images portraying properties in this range. Compare with the example I have provided.  Of course it was more than the images.  There was the prep, the buy-in from the seller to be a marketing partner and the time the agent took working with the client to make sure they were prepared.

The results are consistent and dramatic when the properties are priced right.  Those that are prepared sell fast, command higher sales prices and frequently sell for over asking price. Those that are unprepared, but simply priced right, do sell but for lower final prices, never see bid wars and take much longer to sell.  Extended time on market costs you and the seller time and money.

We now offer a service where we visit the client with you and review preparation of the property for both photography and sale. This service can help you secure the listing as well as influence an increased final selling price of the property.

Give us a call to discuss this and pricing in detail. It’s surprisingly affordable at the same time offers you and the seller a great return on your mutual investment in the process.