Hub and Spoke Marketing is an effective concept.

In the complex world of digital marketing, integrating that concept may seem daunting.

As part of our efforts to help Realtors both understand and implement digital marketing we are in the midst of breaking down a few of these concepts into small slide shows and videos.  The first in that series was well received it was “New Paradigm for Realtor Personal Websites.”  That was followed by “Your Personal Realtor Website… To build or not to build”  If you have not reviewed these please feel free to read.  They will help bring you to a base level of understanding and better absorb the information in this slide show.

This should help bring a few “Oh that’s how that works” to mind.

Give it some thought. You might find it enlightening.  The benefits are great for building your independent brand. That independent brand is a valuable tool giving you an edge in todays fight for listings and fast sales. Give us a call to discuss this and other digital marketing concepts further.